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The benefits of food (from the book "The regime of beauty" by Dominique and Gérard Karsenti Laty)

- (From the book "The Secret of Shambala" by James Redfield) Disease and Food

- (Excerpt from Practical Guide to Aromatherapy and Family "by Dr. PH Godb) Application: Diet and Stress

- Food in the fight against cancer

Water, vital for our health

-The Clay therapy

The benefits of vegetables and fruits

The benefits of fasting

The Oligotherapy

Esprit Mind

Negative emotions (From the book "Qi Gong for the eyes" of Dominic Ferrara and Ma Xu Zhou)

(From the magazine "Spirit Woman" No. 2 with a personal touch)The Benefits of Meditation

The Smile Inside (From the book "Internal dynamics of Tai Chi" by Mantak Chia and Juan Li)

Practice meditation microcosmic orbit (From the book "Internal dynamics of Tai Chi" by Mantak Chia and Juan Li)

The Touch

- The benefits of acupuncture
- (From the book "Techniques of Shiatsu" Michele Vanini) The Meridian (1st part)

- Ayurvedic Medicine (Extract from the book "Guide to alternative medicine and alternative"

Take even his own health in hand and become the master of its destiny
(Extract from the book "Ayurveda, feel young throughout his life")

(from the book "Reiki" by K. Losi)The Seven Chakras

- "Do In" from the head (From the book "Managing oneself" by Anne Marie Laporte Castelnau and Brigitte door Darban)

Exercise for the Back (From the book "Managing oneself" by Anne Marie Laporte Castelnau and Brigitte door Darban)


- Shiatsu (From the book "little guide Welfare: Shiatsu): reorganized board: eg shiatsu point for fatigue.

- A gestural energy: mudras

(From the book "mudras" Philip Vincent)

The Seaweed


The View  

Form therapeutic colors (From the book "Healing Power of Color" by Gérard Edde)

L'Ouie Hearing

Music therapy (Excerpt from Practical Guide to Music Therapy) with audio

The sight, hearing, touch

- (Extract from the book "Guide to alternative medicine and alternative"). With video

The five elements for the well being Art Therapy

Tai Chi Chuan with Video

Qi Gong (from the translation of the book "Xiang Gong" Huang Ying Hon yet published)

The Xiang Gong (from the translation of an article published in Chinese Chinese "Huang Ying Hon yet published) with video (English version)

- The Sophrology (From the book "ABC of relaxation therapy: Harmony of mind" by Brigitte Dretz)

- Reiki (From the book "Reiki" by K. Losi)

  - L'Esprit Martial - The Martial Spirit

Smell, touch, nutrition

Aromatherapy (From the book "Guide to alternative medicine and alternative)

Aromatherapy: A list of ailments and remedies (Extract from Guide to Holistic Health and alternative, how to heal "




- Therapy through the Taste (From the book "Medicine Chinese herbal" Guide to Well Being Eve Rogan)


Bio rate

- Clock energy than a day




The Art of managing its financial statement (Personal experiences inspired by the principles of Dale Carnegie)

(From the book "Guide to Success" by Tom Hopkins)The two approaches in terms of financial targets

(From the book "The 10 winning decisions a woman must be taken before age 40)Deciding to build a financial security

Techical to find a job




C heck list to ensure a consistent time (from personal experience)

- Knowing how to take his time (From the book "The Success Guide" by Tom Hopkins)

Managing Stress in the emergency (Extract from the journal "Assistant Plus # 21

How to develop the time? (From "The Guide to Success" by Tom Hopkins)

Mastery of time (From the book "Building a professional project win by Dan Sprinceana and Stéphane Ilyich)

The Meridian (Part 2) (From the book "Techniques of Shiatsu" Michele Vanini)The Meridians of the Hand (From the book "The healing energy of color" Gerard Edde)

Relationship to self

The release (Book Title Rosette Poletti and Barbara Dobbs)

Friendly relationship

Famous Quotes on Love (from Leos Janacek / Sophocles / Thomas A Kempler / Carol Travis)

(Translation from the Chinese)The Friendship
Do not get angry (Translation of a Chinese poem used as memory thinks hanging on the wall of a room)

(From the book "The little voice" Eddy CaddyMessage of Tolerance

(From the book "From happiness to live and die in peace" - His Holiness the Dalai Lama)Love your enemies

Relation between torque

(Quoted from the magazine Top Santé "Relationship between husband and wife)

The revenue to avoid one-night

Relation parents / enfants Relationship between parents and children

(From the book "Vision of the Andes" by James Redfield)The Art of Parenting

- Role of parents: "Children" (From the book "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran: In this text, the poet expresses his views on the relational existing between parents and children)

Parental authority (from the bbc of April 5, 2008)

Labor Relations

(Extract from the journal "Assistant PlusHow to survive criticism from his manager? # 21

- Managing conflict at work (from synthetic magazine asssistance Plus No. 25)

How to accept the anger of others? (From the book "Guide to Success" by Tom Hopkins)

- Better learn to fight against bullying (Extract from INRS website)

Relationship in the world

" a text by Martin Luther King "

The sense of justice beyond borders

- L'histoire au service du bien être - The story for the well being

The researcher absolute - Theodore Monod

The builders of the 21st century

One day justice run off like water (from



The Teaching of Boudddha (title of book Wapol Rahula)

- Text philosophical Kippling

Tao Te King (From the book "The Way of Virtue" by Lao Tzu)

- Failure will and satisfaction (quoting Chinese)

- Warriors of the awakening (from a cartoon: Pema Ling)

The Teaching of Nature 1: Turtle Lady

- The Teaching of Nature 2: Water

The Teaching of Nature 3: Plants

- The education of men

Art and poetry

A bit of poetry in life (Presentation of a Breton poet: Christine Guenanten)

The appointment of poetry
Poem: Smile (Personal Poem)

The word "Happiness" across languages
"Accepter avec le sourire le froid de l'hiver et la sécheresse du désert" "Agree with the smile on a cold winter and drought of the desert"

- Plants for the well being

"Cut the ties that cause suffering" (from the Heart Sutra)

- The Color of Hope

- The source of all life

Exotic Gardens in Britain

- Quotes from famous people in history

Video Director: Discovery Nature: Exhibition 2009

"Meditation imaged" Mr. Wen and Mr. Lao Liu


Spiritualité Spirituality

- The Way of the Wizard (Title of book by Deepak Chopra)
Carlos Castaneda)

- The 4 enemies that prevent us from being human knowledge (from a book by Carlos Castaneda)
The Spiritual Life (Excerpt from book - "Coming home" of Placide Gaboury)
- Awaken your spiritual potential (From the book "And the men become gods" by James Redfield)
- Create Your Own Future (book title of Edgar Cayce)
- The means to find inner peace (From the book "The 10 Secrets of Success and payroll internal" Dr Wayne W Dyer)
- The film of our lives (From the book "Maktub" by Paulo Coelho)

Ayurveda (From the book "The Return of the Rishi" by Deepak Chopra)

No. 64: Love (From the book 'responses to open oneself to the life and the gates of wisdom "by Jacques E. Deschamp)

Revelation of the secret of Shambala

(From the book "The Secret of Shambala" by James Redfield)

The Inner Peace (translation of a Chinese text)
- Summary table of the article "Inner Peace".
The silent carrier of the light (from the little voice of Eddy Caddy)

- The pitfalls of ego and power ...
(Extrait du livre "chevaucher ses dragons intérieurs" de Jean Dominique Larmet) (From the book "riding his inner dragon" by Jean Dominique Larmet)

How to increase our energy level
(From the book "The Secret of Shambala")

Personal Development

- How to lead a harmonious life (Translation from the Chinese)

Life with its ups and downs (From the book "Little Voice" by Eileen Caddy

The transformation of trouble into an advantage (From the book "The Inner Harmony" His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

The six areas of life balance (From the book "Turn your problems into opportunities and Work of C. Beltran MM)

Secret of Happiness (From the book "Inner Harmony" His Holiness the Dalai Lama ")

How to make (from quotes from the magazine "Esprit de Femme" from the interview with Cherie Carter Scott, president of Motivation Management Institute)

The Strategy Indicators (From the book "The Fire from Within" by Carlos Castaneda)

Preview of Prayer of St Francis of Assisi

Word for the Heart (Excerpt from book - "Words to the heart" of Placide Gaboury)

"When you're down, you have to know you face it alone '

- "When fate decides to entrust responsibility to a man"

The core of responsibility" (Extract from the small voice of Eileen Caddy

"The Alchemist turns the metal horn problems into opportunity"

-Ego Training Method

- More challenges are great, the more my will is strong

The field of possible  

Experience Life


The I Ching



- The two brothers

"In losing his horse, happiness comes in small steps"

"Prince Shan Se experiencing difficulties"

 "Tale of initiation Fulani: Kaidara


- Dale Carnegie

Biography of Fei Fei

Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

- Biography partial Rika Zarai: find the strength to heal when we are plunged into despair

Biography of Theodore Monod

Summary / Analyst texts / Synthetic Balance

The pursuit of happiness, a move against the current

More precious stone grant wishes

Review summary of the five elements of wellness

The secret laws of Yi King (The heavenly book without writing): Notes resulted in a televised conference in Taiwan

Part 1: Why the I Ching?

Part 2: Why Yin Yang?

Part 3: Why is Tai Chi?

Part 4: Why Pa Gua?

Part 5: The Constitution of Pa Gua

Part 6: The three elements of teaching Yi

Part 7: Do not blindly believe in the divination of the I Ching

Part 8: Use of hexagrams

Part 9: Explanation of the hexagram "Heaven: creator"

Part 10: Explanation of the hexagram "The Earth, the Receptive"

Part 11: The life of man through the two hexagrams: the creative and receptive

Part 12: Analytical Study of Destiny "Ming"

Part 13: The I Ching and Family

Part 14: The appearance, numbers and laws

Part 15: Beyond the luck and bad luck

The powers multiple runes: 

How the runes of power can transform our lives

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