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Description of the graphic symbol :

The symbol of this graphic represente « the five units of wellbeing » is composed of three symbols

- the ying and yang

- the triskel

- the five stones which encircle the stone linking both above-mentioned symbols

Explanation of this choice of graphic :

symbol « ying and yang » comes from Chinese legend where two men argue face to face, one is in front of   the buckler, the other is in the other side of the buckler. Each thinks that the buckler is just constituted that the part they can see : the showy party for the one who looks at it.

However, the buckler is constituted of deux compared faces: the one is what we can ses, the other is hidden face. Often the men dream to have the better, but the reality is not the perfect world, but this world is not exist outside the man, because, it is the world which represents only a face of this "buckler". Few people realize that the part hidden from this buckler will always exist which we refuse to see it. 

Have a deep vision, it is to learn precisely to see not only with the eyes, but with all his being, to be able to carry a look as far as possible and to see both sides of this buckler.

Faced with the moving situations of life, and an evolution which mobilizes our capacities and competences, to know how to adopt an attitude made polarity, in adapting in numerous changes adjust the vision of this buckler which includes in reality two faces.

The choice of symbol " triskel ", which represents the symbol of Brittany comes undoubtedly of the admiration that I hit for the Breton people. 

It is also a symbol which represents a solar wheel to three rays used by the Celtic people, inspired by the Greek people. A symbol with its history, with its course and that travelled.

The triskel also represents the spiral of life which embraces the earth in esoteric literature.

The choice of this symbol marks the spirit of these people who are characterized by an opening mind on the world, a certain uprightness and a honest speaking who improves matters.

This symbol also draws a return to the nature, represented by the four elements: the air, fire, earth and  wateer, elements which mark the aeolian movement represented by the triskel.

The association of these two symbols mark a opened mind on the world, having a capacity of adaptation which sometimes calls an attitude made polarity faced with the numerous changes of life. It is also the symbol which represents meeting enters Orient  and Occident, this meeting which can be the result of mutual enrichment. 

The Human which is both feet anchored on earth the head of the man has the sense of reality, however, is put in the top of the top, because Man  inspire to perfection and does not cease to make efforts to reach this ideal which seems to him inaccessible.

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