The Music Therapy

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According to the extract of the guide Practises of Musicothérapie

The music exerts a rebalancing action, energising and releasing on the spirit and the body, it is a therapeutic means of choice for those which is claimed of a total medicine.

It is recommended in the psychic or psychosomatic affections, like in the treatment of cerebral support, as an energetic treatment (toning up or relieving)

Here the list of the priority indications: - the stress which involves the tiredness which creates the anxiety, syndrôme existential which causes psychosomatic diseases.

- nervous breakdown, a definitely pathological amplification of the existential syndrome

- spasmophilia, disease or constitutional state of distressed healthy of spirit.

However, it is caused by biological disturbances, in particular of a reduction in the calcium rates, magnesium in blood, disease or constitutional state of distressed healthy of spirit.

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