Hands meridians lines

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This text and this table take as a starting point the the book: "the curative energy of the colors" of Gerard Eddde

The taoists recommend that each finger corresponds to the termination of a subtle network, connected with the five principal internal bodies.

According to the Hindu women, this system results tantric, from will grind cure. Each finger is vector of a certain qualitative force, which intégre in the system of the five elements. Thus, the inch, corresponds to the element Ground, plays the part of engine of energy.

The index, wood, meridian line of the liver and the gall bladder. The major one, fire, meridian line of the heart. The annular one, metal, meridian line of the lungs and the bladder. The auricular one, water, meridian lines of the kidneys, and the bladder. Here a summary table of the important data:

Connections used to reinforce the element  

 Meridian lines concerned


 Emotional signs and Symptoms

Physical signs and symptoms 

Inch and index 


Liver and gall bladder
Eyes and tendons

Anger, aversions, feelings of frustration

Deterioration of the sight, hearing, constipation, cramps, swellings, bad elimination

Inch and major


Heart and small intestine
Tongue, arteries, veins

Hysterical joy, excitation, impatience

Obstruct, cardiac pain, pain in the medium of the chest, pain dorsal area, impression of tremor and resserement in the heart

Inch and Auricular


Miss and Stomach

Mouth, flesh, lips Melancholy, spleen, apathy

Abdominal plenitude, articular pain, tendency to be often hungry, pains under the plant of the feet, spasms, tiredness, retention of liquids

Inch and annular


Lungs and Colons
Skin, Hair Frequent sadness, sorrow, tears
Tensions and pains in the low stomach, night sweatness, pains in the chest, disturb ORL

Inch and Auricular WATER

Kidneys and Bladder

Bones, ears, marrow, teath

Fear, Anxiety

Irregular rules, problems rickets body and mental at the child, precocity and delay of puberty, buzz of ears, pains lumbar


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