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Extract from the magazine intitled "TO REBOUND": Except collection: supplement n°42

It is obvious that one of the conditions to reach the financial harmony exists only by obtaining a remunerated employment. Also, I chose today to synthesize this special number:

Chap 1: To use the press: - to find then to sort information, to exploit them (ex: two specialized weekly magazines: "Strategies" and "Communications CB News),

Chap 2: To benefit from the media:

1. The radio

2. The TV

3. The Internet

Chap 3: To answer an advertisement - to decipher the advertisement, to write an effective letter by reading again each term of the advertisement, one by one, to personalize your letter, look after the présentation

Chap 4: To write spontaneous candidatures: - drafting of letter (to personalize the letter by proposing a fact marking of the topicality or the reason for the choice of the company for which you postulated), offer of service (to show in what your profile corresponds to it), the request of return - to launch its campaigns: to lay down an objective (ex: 5 letters per weeks): to note the companies and the names of the contacts 
- the revival: it is to better look after the writing to start again the company immediately, await at least two to three weeks before starting again

 Chap 5: to make profitable the telephone To prepare, cross the stoppings, to take down one return, Chap 6: to build its network: To create its relations, to widen the circle of its knowledge (directory of old, the old contacts, the calling cards, former colleagues),

Chap 7: to dare carries it to door: - to prepare ground, to obtain maintenance (to position as a professional which seeks to be informed on the company), to take documentations concerning the company.

Chap 8: to survey the living rooms: Living rooms of recruitments, living rooms professional


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