The Aromatherapie

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Extracted from book "Guides alternative medicines and alternative: how to look after itself "

Definition: Aromathérapie is the treatment of the diseases by the vegetable flavours, i.e. the aromatic gasolines called essential oils in the medical language. It acts on the organization thanks to volatile essential aromatic oils.

By inhalation: It is enough to put some oil drops essential in an ebullient water bowl then to lean with the top of the bowl, covered head and to inhale ten minutes.

By air: The oil diffused in the air is absorbed by the respiratory tracts, it exist several modes of diffusion: - passive method: porous pottery allows only one weak evaporation
- heat (on a candle or a lamp) diffuses the perfume, but risk to destroy the owners therapeutic of HE - ventillateurs: effective, but risk to retain a part of the particles

- electric blower diffusers, best method for a therapeutic use by air.

Its principal indications: - disorders related to the stress (insomnia, migraines, nervousness...) - digestive disorders - colds - painful rules - relieving

Warning: at predisposed subjects, the use of these produced are likely to cause side effects: nervous accidents (convulsions, crises epileptics...)

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