The Art to be parents

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Quotation of the book "vision of the Andes"


Just as we went towards our parents to know the world, our children choose us to learn our way of being, the way in which we find the reaction adequate in the various situations and our strategy of waiting which helps to create the future.

Too much often, we focus ourselves on the material and social side of the life by raising our offspring more or less in the way in which were we it. With us to find simple words to communicate our dreams and our spiritual experiment with our offspring.

It is necessary to go on a narrow gauge railway: we cause wrong to our children by too showing us laxist. We must intervene when they maltreat their comrades or that they neglect realities of the world. A relative must raise his child with a species of "severe love".

It should be learned how to our children to live with the different ones, to socialize, if we fail in this field, it is as if we drop them. To find a means of teaching to them the consequences of their acts without oppressing them.

This method starts with a checking of our energy level, check that we are connected to our interior energy, and thus to maintain an intention of love, some is able the situation.

To avoid adopting the behavior of interrogative by scolding our children and by absorbing their energy. That leads them to work out their own technique of handling to defend oneself.

When our children sink head lowered, without reflecting, we can stop them and correct them all while raising them by concentrating us on the genius present on their face. To send the following psychological message: "you did not act well but you are good".

Attention, nobody is qualified better than them to evaluate than they will be dawning one. Their to impose our will is likely to involve decades of hatress.

If we have intuitive visions on the future of our offspring, let us not draw any from the final conclusions and let us not emit prophecies which will achieve themselves, that amounts removing the child the control of their own future.

To resist temptation to supervise our kids unceasingly or to reorientate them with each dead end which they meet. The errors which they make teach them of important lessons which will be révèleront can be essential in their life.

Reason for which our children are with us: they want to learn our way of seeing the life, including our spiritual belTo find means to communicate what you live, which you discovered on the spiritual level to draw part as well as possible of the life and which your children can include/understand.

Our children incarnated themselves at our sides to see our life in action, to draw some from the lessons and to build from there. Our children help us to clarify the direction of our life and our development synchronistic.


If we send our energies to them, they are quickly put to send important messages to us sychronistic.


























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