Meridians lines (First Part)

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The contents of this table were drawn from the book entitled: "techniques of Shiatsu" of Michele Vanini. You will find in this table, a summary summary of the various meridian lines and the explanations of the diseases by often dependent Chinese medicine by a lack or an excess of energy in the meridian lines


Meridians lines names

Meridians function

Disease related to an lack of energy to the meridian line


 Disease related to an excess of energy to the meridian line

     physical disease

psychic disease

 physical disease

psychic disease



To distribute an energy for the oxygenation and the constitution of defenses of the organization. To eliminate the toxic substances at the time from the expiry

heaviness with the head, predisposition to cough, over-sensitiveness with the cold, misses spirit, tendency to obesity

Source of anxiety, depressive, excessive susceptibility, relation difficult with others

Source of relation difficult with others

colds, pains with the shoulders, asthma, bronchitides, acute pains in connection with the inch, contraction with the muscles of the thorax

 State of anxiety

 Large intestines

 support the functions pulmonary and secreting, eliminates the impurities

 Dryness of the nasal ways, weakness of the bronchi, predisposition to diarrhés, phenomena inflammatory

 Bad mood, not very autonomous, and incompetent to make decisions headaches, rhinitides, anginas aïgues, pains in the jaw lower, difficulties

 headaches, rhinitides, anginas aïgues, pains in the jaw lower, difficulties circular in the area of the basin, hémorroïdes, diarrhoeas, too red complexion, glance without glare, tendency to eating too much, rigidity of the muscles of the neck and the arm



 Governs the operation of the stomach, the?sophage, duodenum, sexual intercourse, menstrual cycle, secretion of the mother's milk

 slow digestion, disturb gastric, anorexia, pains with the shoulders related to disfonctionnement of the ovaries, baîllements, tirednesses early, feeling of cold


Bulimia, vomiting, gastric hyperacidity, abnormal thirst, contraction on the level of the solar plexus, support the appearance of colds, of influenzas, origin of the pains to the heart



 Governs digestion, the enzymatic processes, controls the action of saliva, of the bile, secretions of the small intestine, the sex hormones related on the centres and the ovaries

 Excessive appetite, loss of memory, somnolences, reduction gastric juices, sécheressse of the mouth, slow digestion, paleness of the gums, pain to the spinal column


 Anorexia, tendency to eat with haste, thirst, oral dryness, bulimia, heavinesses in the lower limbs, the skin loses its elasticity, the shoulders stiffen, the back with tendency to curve



 Governs the blood circulation, determines the general state of the organization. Control the emotions through the five directions and the brain.

 disorders cardiac of the myocardium, moistness of the hands, furred tongue, chronic tiredness

 Not very sure will of itself accompanied by anxiety

 Contractions and feelings of stiffness on the level of the thorax, irritation to the throat, hypersensibilté cutaneous, headaches

 Chronic anxiety, they are in general introverted individuals, showing a great obstinacy

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