Love his ennemis

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Extracted the book: "Of happiness to live and die in peace" - Its Holiness: Dalaï LAMA


Animosity is a force which destroys our qualities. It is thus necessary to defy it and endeavour to eliminate it.

Instead of feeling hostility and ill will towards an enemy, better is worth to cherish it as one loves a spiritual Master who teaches patience

Usually, one estimates normal to return the similar one to the adversary. Even from a legal point of view, there is the right to defend oneself.

Nevertheless, if one tries to cultivate the spirit of awakening of the bottom of the heart, one endeavours to forge a firm mental attitude positive, eager to profit with others. Consequently, if one is able to cultivate a solid feel compassion and of benevolence with regard to an enemy, one will be capable to generate some as much towards all are sensitive for them

If you can see in the enemy the supreme base of the exercise of patience and if you can even more extremely generate a feeling of compassion in his connection, that indicates a profitable practice.

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