How to accept the anger from the others

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Extracted the book: "the Guide of the Success" of Tom Hopkins Three fundamental situations where you will have to face directly with the anger of another person:

Extracted the book:

"the 1. you are in a position stronger than is not to it the person in anger

2. you are about with equal forces

3. the person in anger is in a position stronger than you are it.

Vis-a-vis with its three situations, gaining them know that they must control their emotions and regards the anger of others as a barrier to be crossed, the losers wants to make use of it as even excuses to have lost the control of them.

If you answer spontaneously by anger the anger of another, that means that no matter who can direct your life by expressing anger simply. Keep the control of your life by controlling your mood. Here a simple and effective method.

- quickly take into account the anger of the other person: pay to him your attention

- emphasize clearly that you feel interested

- do not be sharp with the other person

- remain calm

- put questions to discover what you can do to correct the cause of the anger of the other

- made speech of solutions

- put of agreement on a solution

- made you a plan: fix expiries which you are sure to be able to hold.

- respect your plan: give the priority to this stage

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