Relationship between Husband and Wife

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Quotation the Review "Top Health": to include/understand the other and to better like


 A healthy relation is the fruit of a delicate balance between taking and giving. One needs a minimum of value communes to build a joint project: belief, political opinion, design and matter of education of the children. between taking and giving.

The alchemy of the bodies is quite pleasant, but the love, truth implies also one alchemy at the emotional level (which inspires tenderness) and intellectual (which arouses the interest). To tie a strong and durable bond, the three elements are necessary.


The love can last a whole life, with the provision of agreeing to a minimum efforts. One wrongly expects that the other communicates and reacts like us. And one naturally gives the kind of love which one has oneself rather need what wishes the opposite sex.and with the marital crises.

It is major disappointment each one thinks that its love is not recognized, nor appreciated. 80% of the failures of couple are due to precipitation.

By nature, the man does not waste saliva without good reason for simply communicating. Its stress, it manages it while being insulated and meditates in silence without overpowering others of these problems.


Secrecies of a successful couple:

- Much of respect, some concessions

- To be capable of "Fair play" when left foot was risen.

As for concessions, they are essential.

- Each one its territory, each one its autonomy.

- For not ettouffer and not to be exacerbated the relations of being able, it is necessary: to preserve moments personal beside the time-sharing.

To agree sometimes an evening alone with friends, but also to delimit the territory commun run according to the tastes and of competences.

To reserve itself moments of proximity, while safeguarding its autonomy.

To continue to admire the other and with saying to him.


To dare to speak about what does not go: to empty the abscess as soon as it form avoids the sour reflexions which poison the atmosphere.

To remain vigilant to still allure itself: to resist letting go.

To make efforts to always like to him, especially not to estimate that it was conquered once and for all.


To impose itself moments for both it is the oxygen of the couple. To always surprise it

A dynamism should be given, to make discover the other of new fields

To meditate: the men are motivated when they feel that one needs them, the motivated women sotn when they feel liked. 

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