Benefits of the meditation

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Meditation, famous being the best remedy for better living its life, recommended by the doctors, and practised by million followers



What it could bring to us :

- to alleviate the migraines

- to fight insomnia

- to relieve the intestinal dysfunctions

- to relieve the premenstrual syndrôme

- to calm the stomach cramps

- to activate the memory

- a physical relaxation and mental

- energy gives again and improves the sleep and mood

- reduced the blood pressure and the cardiovascular risk of the diseases

- the stress releases, of the anxiety, the anguish, the fear

- release from the diseases related to the somatization of our discomfort

- assistance to reduce the consumption of stimulants or calming, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drug.

- allows to reach a "place" of tranquility, source of serenity, creativity and effectiveness

- to be invaded by a feeling of peace

According to the wise ones, it makes it possible to touch the spirit pure, original, that which exists of each one of us but who often tapit in the shades of our worries.

How to practise it: (extracted the book "Meditation" of Lorraine Turner Guides)

1. Meditation : position of lotus or sitting position : The technique to practise more is that of the position of lotus or the sitting position, while concentrating on its breathing.

2. Attentive meditation : But this technique is not only, the meditation is also practised through our attitude: Art to be attentive: To live at the Present, called the attentive meditation.

3. Meditation with will mantras

There is also the meditation which is practised while concentrating on will mantras: certain famous: OM MANI PADME HUM which wants to say: "hello with the jewel of the lotus" or "OM": creation of the universe

4. Meditation with walking

While going, to go to work or to walk ,you concentrate on your breathing and go the quite right back, the head in the alignment of the spinal column. Go with application, by concentrating you on each one of your steps. Become aware of all what occurs around you: sounds, colors, odors.

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