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Theories of the therapy of the Qi Gong


According to the current medical points of view, the therapeutic principles of the Qi Gong, since the general relaxation of the whole of the human body, until calms interior, the interior energy of the body circulates in a voluntary way, penetrate inside the muscles, organic bodies, systems, bones in a great depth.

Energy helps to free, to regularize and to support the correct operation of blood circulation, increases the quantity of oxygen and the nutritive system. In addition, when all our body is slackened and that our spirit is serene, decrease our need for oxygen contribution in the respiratory system, brings energy in the nutritive system, thus, we attend a surplus of energy which can make a improvement through our muscles and bodies.

Thus, the Qi Gong brings a certain guarantee in the re-establishment of a disease, this is why when we practise the IQ Gong in a permanent and regular way, we obtain a good circulation of energy in our meridian lines, a regularization of blood and energy, a state of balance which brings good health while curing the diseases.

 The Qi Gong reinforces health and prolongs the life. The Qi is a form of materialized energy that our body needs. With through our practice, we gradually accumulate the Qi which covers all our body gradually, in particular in the morbid zones.  form natural regulation and joins together the man with the universe to form a harmonious unit. It is a modern explanation of the Qi Gong.

If we include/understand the QI Gong in a wider way, the Qi Gong is not a common practice, a simplistic manner to regularize the body and the spirit. The QI Gong is a philosophy of the universe, on the macrocosm plan, and on the microcosm plan, it is a philosophy of ethical control. It is a system of practice which gathers all the techniques of regularization of the body and the spirit.

In the history, the QI Gong is a science which consists in connecting the man to the universe. With through the practice of the IQ Gong, on a certain level, the QI Gong becomes a major science which goes beyond an ordinary science, because the QI comes from the universe and penetrates gradually inside the body of the practitioner. The fact of practising the IQ Gong can increase the energy level of the man and develop all latent forms of the intelligence of the man.

According to points of view's of current science, the QI is the base of the activity of the human body, the various stages of the life of the man, the QI is the reflection of the evolution of the various phases of change of the QI.

The QI and blood are two interdependent elements, when these two elements lose their balance, one catches the disease. To treat a disease, it is necessary to treat its original constitution, i.e. blood and energy, to cover a total cure.

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