Exercise for the back

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Extracted the book "Management of Oneself" of Anne Marie Laporte and Brigitte Laporte

To prevent or fight against the lumbagos, one of the preferred symptoms of the on-stress or the under-stress, to find its imposing presence, to consolidate or maintain the "Frame the body"

Supported upright with a wall, the feet joined, separated from the wall by 15 to 20 centimetres, I become aware of my automatic abdominal breathing, I become aware of the supports of my shoulders, the muscles glutei, the arms and the lumbar curve.

On one to expir, I return the belly and tries to plate all my vertebrae against the wall, I remove or I as much as possible reduce the variation which separates it from the wall. I slacken while inspiring. I start again five times

Two to three week on a purely preventive basis Four or five times on a purely curative basis

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