How to survive criticisms of its manager

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Extract of the professional review "Assistant Plus" number 21

Your owner has the easy reproach and you have the impression not to be in its papers... Environment is tended so much that it ended up harming the effectiveness of your team work. It is time to take stock.

1. Change angle of sight: The relation between your superior and comprises you two protagonists. It rests on each one of you to make so that the relation evolves/moves and improves. Still, is necessary it to endeavour to include/understand the person who faces you, or which sometimes turns you the back.

Your manager as you has objectives to reach what explains its degree of requirement in your connection. Under this angle, you will include/understand its waitings and its apprehensions.

2. Adapt to your owner:

Vis-a-vis with hyperactive which seems seldom satisfied: The Council: very productive, this kind of character quite simply needs to feel you as effective as him.

Show him your own competences, you can modify the form and the bottom of your accounts returned of meeting... it will be able only to note your capacities and your spirit of initiative

Vis-a-vis with anxious which is anxious to check that the missions were correctly treated The Council: You are can be too independent in its eyes, this category of anybody needs to feel reassured:

to try to take stock with him on the progress report of your tasks, address to him a summary planning of the files in progress, once its confidence restored, it will release taken.

Vis-a-vis with an interventionist who asks you to obey without discussion and who causes an important stress The Council: Isn't its attitude related to your personality, you are under pressure because it delegated too much mission well to you?

If you are in disagreement on a subject, present to him your solution as all the advantages that it would withdraw some, then slip him that of course, the decision belongs to him.

Vis-a-vis with one stressed which complain unceasingly to be overflowed and which do not test any embarrassment to be made to you support its moods, concern, even its anguishes. The Council: Its work is its concern first, the stress being communicative, want not to let to you invade. When it arrives in your office, remain concentrated on your task, let fulminate it, then to reassure by assure him that you will be able to hold the deadlines.

3. Take the initiative: At the time of the maintenance of evaluation, express way calmece which you felt in a particular situation, remain calm, always support on facts, and you do not deprive of speaking about your professional successes.

 If criticisms are legitimate, you must accomodate them with tranquility, without seeking to justify you. If it proves that your "boss"reste on its positions: reformulate the reproach which had been just given, to try to marry the point of view of your manager by indicating the reasons for its critiqes and what it awaits from you. Write the instructions of your industrial relationship, your step will bear its fruits.

To detect the limiting situations:


 1. You are often in disagreement, the communication is often impossible, without another reason that the difference in character, it acts of a conflict relation, but to in no case of harassing.

2. You work constantly under pressure, you have the feeling to be able to overcome the load of work, nervous, to be distressed, whereas you find serenity each week end, you undergo an important stress, but you are not badgered.

3. You are reached in your psychic integrity or your dignity that it is because of the hostile attitude or one or more people, and this in a repetitive way and over one long period. Attention, you are victim of harassing.


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