The seven will chakra

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Names of the will chakra


Corresponding bodies

The benefits due to the activation of will chakras

The first will chakra : Muladhara

Between the anus and the genital apparatus

Legs, feet, vertebrae crowned, channel excretor, glands suprarenals, prostate, testicles, cervix, all osseous parts with the teeth, the nails, formation of the cells of blood

One finds the interior force, one exceeds the fear of the impotence, self-confidence and the positive aspect of the world.

The second will chakra : svadisthana 

Between the navel and the genital apparatus

Sexual organs, gonades, ovaries, prostate, testicles, kidneys, bladder, blood, the lymph, gastric juices, and sperm

Purification of the body and the spirit, to regulate the mechanism of the desire: food and to manage sexual energy. One experienced the capacity to guess the emotions of the others

The third will chakra : manipura 

Between the navel and the solar plexus

The stomach, liver, the spleen, the pancreas, glands suprarenals, gall bladder, digestive system, abdomen, muscular apparatus

Control the metabolism, person in charge for the regulation and distribution of energy in all the body, the will to cure oneself, provision to feel and accept its own feelings and those of the others

The fourth will chakra : anahata

Located at the height of the heart, the medium of the sternum

Arm, hands, lungs, higher part of the back, rib cage, low part of the lungs, heart, blood circulation, skin, thymus, immune system

Acceptance of oneself and others, falls of the ego, compassion, the major peace, which comes because of to have exceeded the needs, to be in balance with its own energy, babbit metal function respiratory.

The fifth chakra : vishuddha

Between the clavicles in the center of the throat

Ear, hearing, vocal cords, larynx, pharynx, jaw, tyroïde, trachea, bronchi, higher part of the lungs, oesophagus, arm, respiratory function, faculty of speaking

Control the metabolism, the development of the body, and balances it between the physical growth, and the spiritual growth. Order the capacity to frankly express its own interiority and to communicate with the world. When this chakra functions well, one lives released of the prejudices, autonomous, opened with all dimensions, expresses the creativity, develops telepathy, and clairvoyan

The sixth will chakra : ajna 

Located at the medium of the face, between the eyebrows, known under the name of third eye

Face, eyes, ears, nose, cerebellum, frontal sinuses, central and vegetative nervous system, the spirit, the pituitary gland. Sit of the conscience and imagination

The understanding, memory, the rational reasoning. The ego is exceeded, just as the desires and the impulses of the emotive part of the personality, it makes it possible to send the regenerating energy of telepathic Reiki of manner

The seventh will chakra : sahasrara 

At the top of the head

Receives cosmic energies of very high frequency for then distributing them in will chakras lower. The unconditional love, the total altruism, when this chakra activates itself, residual blockings of the others will chakras are also broken,because they start to vibrate at their highest frequencies.

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