Art Therapy

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Definition: The therapy by art consists of the use of the activities of artistic creation like means of expression of the emotions and blockings like for a better self-knowledge.

History: This concept exists from ancient Greece, as well as the majority of the traditional cultures, which consider that arts had a cathartic and therapeutic effect. Thus Sigmund Freud reconnait art as a representation of unconscious patients. After the Second World War, this therapy was used for the reintegration of ex-serviceman. Nowadays, it is largely used in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The therapeutic step: It consists in gradually letting emerge from the interior images through the drawing, painting, joining, the sculpture..., which can be the reflection of experiments of passed or dreams to which one aspires. It solicite imagination, intuition, the thought and emotions. The images or the forms create, reveal certain aspects of oneself, but can also generate a new vision and behaviors which will contribute to physical, emotive or spiritual cures.

It is a dynamic approach which supports the awakening of the creative potential, the assertion of oneself and which often involves a feeling to be well, of autonomy and freedom.
Art therapy, thanks to the alleviating effect and regenerator which art gets, can contribute to decrease the heart rate, the blood pressure, and the rate of respiration.

Several studies return account of its benefits on health and the development of the child and for the patients in final phase. Moreover, art therapy can contribute to accelerate the process of cure the people suffering from disease from Alzheimer, cancer and psychiatric disorders.

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