Message of tolerance

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Here a small quotation, with a small modification brought of Eileen Caddy in: "the small Voice"


Much of anybody finds difficult to accept their relation between love and the human beings. This separation is the cause of all misfortunes of the world, the cause of all the conflicts, all the wars.The place where to start to give the things in order is you even and in your personal relations with all the people with whom you return in contact.


Cease showing finger and criticizing the others with which you cannot get along. Put your own house in order. You have more that enough to even make with you, without putting your similar in parts and making leave all their faults, their failures and their wrongs.

When you want well to look at yourself opposite, and to rectify the things in you, you will be able to help your human companions, simply for your example, not by criticism, intolerance, the words of reproaches.

Like your human like your brothers, helps them, encourage them and see the best in them.





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