Negative emotions

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Nowadays, we attend a true discomfort of health, bound, undoubtedly with a precariousness on the level of employment, with the stress generated by competitiveness on the international market, to the delocalizations, the figure of the divorces tends to increase, the families recomposed become numerous, the children faced to the school problems take refuge in a dumbness which often leads them to a depressive state, even suicidal for some.



Face to this difficulties, can some solutions be exist ?

The management of psychic health, proposes a work and a practical application to manage to your emotions in the daily life, while passing initially by an awakening, a handing-over in question of these proper emotions known as negative and which are the principal sources which cause your evil interior being.

What one proposes to you : to transform all negative emotions into positive emotions:

1. The awakening:

This transformation is preceded by the step of the awakening on the serious consequences generated by these negative emotions :

The contents of the texts which follow are drawn from the book entitled "Qi Gong for the eyes" of Domenica Ferrara & My Xu Zhou. Because according to Chinese traditional Medicine, much of ocular disorders, in particular the glaucome, are related to an imbalance caused by the "seven emotions": joy, anger, fear, excessive love, sadness, hatred, desire. These seven emotions is also causes principal of the disorders which emerge in the bodies of our body.

anger, pathological feeling, cause physical failures with the bodies : blisters bilaire, the liver, muscles and eyes. This emotion, generates hatred, and causes verbal violences which are likely to create a tended atmosphere, and can sometimes wound the close person. She often leads to a degradation of a relation.

excitement, causes physical failures with the following bodies : the small intestine, the heart, the corners of the eye, This emotion, can generate a state of precipitation, overactivity which often creates hoop nets followed of tirednesses.

 obsession, causes physical failures with the following bodies : the stomach, the spleen, lips, flesh, them eyelids, obsession is related to the feeling of concern. This pathological feeling often creates a ceaseless state of rumination, events related to the past. 

the depression, causes physical failures with the following bodies: large intestine, the lung, nose, skin, the hair, feeling related to sadness. This feeling weakens the person and often leads it to a state vegetative

the fear, causes physical failures with the following bodies: the bladder, the kidney, ears, bones, teeth, the pupil. This feeling is related to the apprehension, can cause the anxiety and the anguish, causing an evil unbearable being.

2. The transformation:

A such alchemist who transforms a simple metal into gold, If we want to improve the state of our health and of our everyday life, we have the duty to transform these negative emotions into positive emotions:

- anger can be treated by a therapeutic sound: "XU": pronounced six times, by contracting the abdominal muscles, then relacher once the finished sound.

Food recommended : the corn,

Anger, is controlled by faculty : memory.

- excitement can be treated by a therapeutic sound: "KE", even proceeded that for the sound its precedent.

Food recommended : millet

Excitement is controlled by faculty: intelligence

- obsession can be treated by the therapeutic sound: "HU", idem

Food recommended: sticky millet

Obsession is controlled by faculty: reflexion

- The depression can be treated by therapeutic sound "XIA", idem

Food recommended: rice

The depression can be treated by faculty : instinct

- The fear can be treated by therapeutic sound "CHUI"

Food recommended: the flageolet

The fear is controlled by faculty : will

3. Result of the transformation:

Anger becomes Serenity

Excitement becomes Calms

Obsession becomes the Detachment

The depression becomes the Joy in Life

The fear becomes Courage


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