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Extracted the Chinese book of Xiang Gong, written by Wang Master




  • If you are interested about practising the Xiang Gong, we invite you to click on this link, a website specialised on the Xiang Gong will teach you how to practise it through a video.


    • A Natural therapy of the 21st century

    • Introduction: Maintained a long time in greatest discretion, because of its preciosity, from generation to generation, there can be only one person chosen which can profit from the transmission of its teaching. Worked out by a Drunk-Ju buddhist monk, this pearl of the East was récement made public to China by the single current holder Main Tian Ruisheng since May 8, 1988. Master Huang Hong Yin, doctor practising the surgery, gynaecology and the accupunture are the direct pupil of Master Tian Ruisheng. Currently, it represents it in Europe, held conferences of Xiang Gong on its behalf with UNO like with WHO on August 25 and on August 30, 1994.
    • Characteristics of the 21st sièce: The 21st century is the century representative of innumerable successes of technological sciences. The man, is thus able to go to the moon thanks to his technological exploits, his data-processing, and mechanical progress, who do not cease accumulating progressively. The material standard of living of the man improves of day in day. However, we do not manage to overcome the sufferings caused by the disease, in particular, the men today which remains dependent on the catch of drugs, element release of the weakening of our immune systems
    • We currently attend with the ageing of the population, an imbalance between our physical and psychic system, and the pollution which worsens more and more. These factors become harmful with the human bodies. But, we can note that it is possible for us to warn us against many diseases. A French proverb quotes: Prevention is better than cure.The majority of the people pay their attention on the external factors, such as the food, the vitamins, the minerals, certainly, these elements can strongly influence our physical and psychic states, and improve our immune systems.
    • When our physical and psychic systems are in good health, that supports the whole of the state of our health, thus the state physical and psychic are two indissociable elements

      Currently, China occupies a strong population, which is spirit to age, and soon will achieve in the year the 2000 following goal: each person discusses, but to achieve this goal, it is difficult to depend only on the drugs. How to manage to save medical expenses all while maintaining the objective of a maintenance of health in all effectiveness? This objective needs the methods of Chinese traditional medicine: accupunture, the IQ Gong.
    • Xiang Gong, an IQ Gong recognized by the others: In particular Xiang Gong which is an IQ recognized Gong. Xiang Gong is a form of traditional medicine, it is a form of medicine where one needs to take drugs, neither of punctures, neither to spend of the medical expenses, nor the use of painful therapeutic methods. The gestures are simple, the effective results, one can say that Xiang Gong can be a medical complement against the disease, and helps to reinforce our health, it is a new form of natural therapy of the 21st century. According to the analyses of each area, a comparison was made on the practise of Xiang Gong, before the practice, the medical expenditure reaches an upsetting sum,whereas after the practice of Xiang Gong, the medical expenditure dropped considerably, which supports the economy of the country, and on the individual level, Xiang Gong reduces the sufferings caused by the disease, increases the presence rate to work, and brings much benefits to humanity
    • Therapeutic effects of Xiang Gong: Tian Master, in a way satisfied, taught many pupils, the transmission of his teaching obtained many positive effects. Myself I could assisted with many the boxes of cure during the conference in November 1996, have of the first day, calculations which were formed inside the bodies Split and are evacuated through the natural exits, and the second day, these people could put in a bottle the remains of calculations. One of the senior official who was uneven, saw his bump disappearing, one benefitted from it to make of it a photograph, it is really incredible.
    • At the 16th century, a French prophet had predicted: "at the 21st century, the Man will arrive at a phase where it will have found a method therapeutic without the use of drug"
    • We hope that it there will have other scientists which will be interested in Xiang Gong, which will make research and analyses, so that we can bore together the mysteries of this social science not yet exploited by the man, to look further into our studies on the human body  who is an extremely complex apparatus and to discover the absolute truth, to bring to the mankind one greater contribution which can have: improvement of our state.

    Contact in France :

  • Mme Huang (Master)

    bâtiment 7,

    105, bd Davout

    75020 PARIS FRANCE

    Profession : Profesor of the chinese medecine faculty, Master of Qi Gong, doctor, teaching the practise of Xiang Gong at the Institut of the research in China. 

    Phone number in China : 0577 65666798

    For further informations, you could adress your request to the following email adress :




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