Sickness and Feeding

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Extracted by the book intitled "The secret of Shambala" by James Redfield



If we wish that our body keep strenght, we must consume the best products.

We come on this land to raise our energy, but this world give us especially pleasure to our sense, distractions to our spirit, all of this could lead us to the destruction of our body.

In the appearence, we feel like be create by matter, chair, and blood, but in reality, we are the atoms, pure energy which move at a certain level. What we absorb affect the state vibrational of our body.

Some food make stronger our energy and our vibrations, others make them weaken. Sickness result of the updown of vibrational energy, because our energy download too much, it let some natural virus to attack our body.

When the energy of our body drop because of the food we eat, it predispose sickness.

When we introduce food, they are transformed by our metabolism and they leave waste or ashes in our body: food alkaline or acid food.

The food alkaline (creator of energy), is greener, fresher, more alive: green vegetables, juice, vegetables with sheets, choice of Brussels, fruits, tomatos, grapefruits, lemons

The acid food (responsible for diseases): cooked meats, treated food, flour, cakes, fruits too sweetened, alcohol, coffee.

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