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One of the principles paramount of Dale Carnegie, the founder of Human Resources in the United States is as follows:

- Better is worth to gain less, to manage its finance well and to be able to put money on side that:

- To gain more, spend in an uncontrolled way, and to be involved in debt.

This quotation summarizes the principle of financial management well:

The good behaviour of its finances allows to has person even low average resssource to Be whitebait to avoid the debt and and even to could money one side.

Here some rules of management: - a daily behaviour of the state of its expenditure - better is worth to privilege the acquisition of the useful goods than to cumulate useless expenditure considered as wastings.

- to have with the spirit the statement of monthly average expenditures to anticipate the unforeseen expenditure: ex: taxes, marriages, appropriations...

- to be detached from the money: the money is only one instrument which enables us to live, you cannot carry it to your tomb, then, will know of detached, if you lose some, do not regret itself any, nor of sadness.

It is important for any person to have money on side, in particular nowadays, to face the unforeseen expenditure, even with the uncomfortable situations such unemployment which does not save anybody.

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