one day justice will stream like water

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Here the Extract of a text of Martin Luther King (1929-1968) who summarizes the treated topic well: the relational Harmony enters the men:

"I make the dream that the men, one day, will rise and understand finally that they are made to live together like brothers.

"I make the dream, this morning, that one day each Black of this country, each coloured man of this whole world, will be judged on their personal value rather than on the color of their skin, and than all the men will respect the human dignity.

I still make the dream that one day industries dying women of the Appalachian Mountains will take again life, that the empty bellies of the Mississippi will be filled, that fraternity will be a little more than some words at the end of a prayer, than it will be, quite to the contrary, the first subject to be treated in each legislative agenda.


I still make the dream that one day justice will ruisselera like water and uprightness like a powerful river... " (The Only Revolution)

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