The Release

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The Release  : it is to say "yes" to the life from Rosette Poletti and Barbara Dobbs

Definition : it is to agree to open with unforeseen, to modify its interpretation and its glance, it is also to make the mourning of something with what one held, it is still to forgive and put its attention on what is here and now.

1. beliefs and practices: - five constraining messages: would be strong, be perfect, baits you, dispatch, please to you Solutions: To identify the received messages, to give new permissions, to release taken interdicts and limiting beliefs.

2. the codépendance

Definition: To be worried by what is outside us, we lose contact with our true being: thoughts, emotions, decisions, choice, experiments, desires, intuitions, aspirations.  It is somebody who tries "to save the others" without holding account of what it feels, it is somebody who lets himself handle. Solution: to become aware,

 3. To release taken exceeded goals

The attachment with goals is an obstacle with releasing taken. It is not the fact of having goals but the force of the attachment to these goals, the identification with the ends which one works towards. To hold with the realization of its goals more than to all the remainder makes fragile. The anguish and the fear can infiltrate in the spirit. Peace cannot any more règner, happiness moves away from there.

Solution: to be opened with the fact that there will be can be to modify its goals, to give up its goals, to change some.

4. To release taken negative emotions: resentment, hatred, the desire of revenge or fear Solutions in stage:

- to become aware of its emotions

- to realize that these feelings are in us and that they have nothing to do with reality. We make ourselves unhappy, because we clutch ourselves on illusions, unrealistic goals.

- not to be identified with the negative feeling.

- to even change oneself, it is to release taken desire to see the others changing.

5. To release taken resentment

That which saw the pain to have undergone offence can reach the interior peace only through releasing it taken which the way of forgiveness represents. That makes it possible to cling to last and of living in a constant resentment. It is necessary to know to forgive the others and to forgive in order to advance, to leave the past behind oneself and to pay its attention at the present.

6. To change its limiting beliefs

- Our thoughts emanate from us and can be controlled by us (technic: to affirm its attention to change its thoughts, if they come towards us, imagine that they are transformed into fireworks leaving place with a desirable thought.  one can exceed his failures, his lacks and his practices limiting by leaving them behind oneself.

7. To change its waitings

When the people have dependent waitings with respect to their entourage and of the situations which they meet, they are in an unpleasant state and does not release not taken.

Solution: to replace waiting by a preference (it is a desire which if it is not satisfied does not generate tensions or badly to be and does not bring to smell separate others émotion).

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