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The Blog "The five Units of wellbeig" is envisaged to be a tool for the disposal of visitors to have a access to the world, having a sense of traveling across the extracts of authors from differents backgrounds. The objective is to develop the well-being while having a opening of mind toward other cultures.

Here's a synthesis of extracts of work which come from authors of ethnic origins multiple : In Europe, you will find the structure of Rosette Poletti and Barbara Dobbs, former nurses who have been converted in holistic medicine with the book entitled "The Drop Taken", Eddy Caddy, England with an extract from his book "the small voices", Anne Marie Laporte Castelnau and Brigitte The door Darbans that have created a school of personal development with their structure common "


"The management of Self" with an extract of article on the Do In, as well as the years for dos.
If you want to know the meanings of the graphic symbol which represents the blog "the five units of the wellbeing", I invites you to click on this link : explanation of the graphic symbol. In North America, you will do the knowledge of James Redfield, the author of the Best Seller of the book "The prophecy of Andes", with the Extract from an article of the book "Vision of Andes", Tom Hopkins, author of the book "Guide to the success", you will find an extract based on the two financial approaches in the matter.


Deepak Chopra you will no doubt dream in the world magic with the extract of his book "The Path of Magician". In South America, anthropologist Carlos Castaneda you will discover the secrets of Shaman: the four enemies that prevent us from being man of knowledge. Coelho Paulo, which summarizes us the film of our life with his book "Maktub".

In Asia, India, the country which has an abundance of mystery with Deepak Chopra, origin Indian which lives in United States, you will find an extract of its book " Ayurvéda ".

Without forgetting the Dalai Lama, the one who carried off the Nobel prize of peace, spiritual leader of the Tibet who teaches you to love enemies with his called book " Of The happiness of food and to die in peace.

In China, you will find extracts of texts translated from Chinese, as well as Lao Tseu with the so famous work " The Way of Virtuousness ": Tao T ö King.


In the world of Arabe a big reserves then surprise with Khalil Gibran, which also emigrated to States Unis by publishing his book " The clairvoyant ", you also find an extract of its work on the role of the parents.

we have the last continent which remains not less an ininteressant, the Africa.

The Africa, this mysterious continent with a special man origine African " Martin Luther King " who wrote a called text " A day the justice will stream as water".


Also, to discover others extracted books and authors not named, I invite you to visit the
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