Management of the conflicts In the work

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The conflicts with work are classified in three categories:

- 1. the misunderstanding

- 2. the conflict of interest

- 3. the conflict of personality

Ingredients of these three types of conflicts:

- 1. the misunderstanding results from a significant point at a person, an erroneous and negative interpretation of an action or a word or a defence reaction against the supposed attack

- 2. the conflict of interest is a situation which one covets, a person who aspires to the same thing as oneself, an aggressiveness directed towards the other

- 3. the conflict of personality is an instinctive, épidermique antipathy towards a person, exaggeratedly violent emotions.

Solution: Instructions


1. Misunderstanding in the "Bienentendu"


It belongs to the person who estimates herself ruffled to present herself in front of that which is responsible in order to express its resentment to him and to bore the abscess. The fact of entrusting to others will make it possible to highlight the reactive character hyper the alleged one offended and to recommend it to relativize. Much more, the interested party will realize little by little that the alleviating remark which upset it so much has in fact run up against a significant point at his place.


2. To cooperate rather than to clash

It is a question for each one of carrying out that collaboration or the dialogue always gives better results that the competition. It is advisable to analyze the fundamental reasons for its covetousness:

what seeks your really derrrière this station? Capacity, recognition, a higher remuneration? But there are multiple ways of achieving these goals. In becoming aware is already to defuse the conflict of interests.

3. To accept the other

Since it is hardly possible to change the temperaments, the solution consists in composing with the situation, even if it conveys its batch of frustrations. It is a question of accepting that the other is not with the image of its desire.

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