Technical to prevent a short relation

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Extract of the review "Woman Spirit" n°3



Not all to give immediately Never the first evening. Its desire should be domesticated. For a man, to give up itself very quickly, without going to the sex act, it is disappointing. The image of the woman of easy virtue is hardly developing.

To remain mysterious Better is worth to avoid all unpacking block very: your disappointments in love, your problems of job, your relations with your mother. Make the speech of him. The men adore to feel developed.

Not to take the orders: Let believe him that it has the control of the play and wait until it takes the initiatives. Make understand to him that you like it, but that it will have to provide some efforts to arrive at its ends. Keep your distances.

Show firmness Curtail the evening to make assemble the pressure. Nothing prevents from pretexting a headache to distort company to him. While being left, made understand to him that you want to re-examine it. With a kiss pressed on the cheek and an explicit glance, for example.



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