Quotation about Love

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The Love is a magician... He enivre, bewitches, gives the illusion to be alone in the world. It embaume the air, changes the coldness into heat and embellishes all on its passage. of Léos Janacek (1854-1928)

Only one word releases us from the weight of the sufferings of the life, it is the word "LOVE". of Sophocle (496-406 front JC)

The Love does not feel the burdens, does not think of the difficulties, it exceeds, does not call upon the excused of an unspecified prevention, because it is believed very allowed, and that nothing is impossible. of Thomas A. Kempis (1379-1471)

To like means to rely sufficiently on the other so that the reciprocal one is true. of Carol Travis.

The relational Harmony, is summarized sometimes in only one word: LOVE. Here some famous quotations that I let to you meditate carefully.

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