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Tai Chi Chuan is the Chinese traditional exercise for health, the self-defence and the spiritual evolution. Tai Chi Chuan is a non-violent martial arts which uses the force of fluidity to facilitate the fight of the man for the existence

Slow and gracious, releasing and fluid movements as well as natural postures, Tai Chi is movement and meditation. It is practised throughout the whole world for its multiple benefits.

Tai Chi gets several benefits on the level of health. It improves the metabolism, the posture, blood circulation, the neuro-muscular system and accelerates the process of cure of the disease and although some are skeptics on the subject.

The Chinese say that people who practise Tai Chi on a regular basis, will have the flexibility of the child, the vitality of the logger and the wisdom of ' ' the sage' '.

The name Tai Chi wants to say: supreme limit. However Tai Chi does not preach invincibility, but it is rather a concept of Chinese philosophy and process by which energy is converted in the universe.

This same universal energy is represented by the symbol of Yin and Yang also called Tai Chi 2 by which 2 opposite polar forces are constantly in interrelationship

The progression in Tai Chi does not depend on our physical force but on our interior conscience to control the flood of this interior energy. For this reason Tai Chi is recognized like an internal martial arts; it develops and the body and the spirit.

Tai Chi uses the physical breathing, concentration, movements, direct visualization to cultivate internal energy or called vital force ' ' CHI' ' (IQ) by the Chinese.

What Taïchi brings: the knowledge of CHI (IQ) and its major values while réharmonisant not-cured and cured.

The techniques, the mechanisms and the philosophy of Tai Chi are based on the life and the action, harmonizes some with the nature and its various cycles of change and evolution

Tai Chi is also one of the methods of development of sensitizing to the nature which the Chinese call ' ' DOW' ' or the WAY.

In all the movements of Tai Chi there are the principles Yin and Yan which are actions based on the conscience of the unification with all the apparent aspects, that is to say the positive one and the negative one, the vacuum and the full one, the dark one and the pale one, the hard one and slackness.

In practice regular, the whole body is released, breathing is regular and deep just like in the meditation and each movement is made with a whole concentration.

The integration of the body and the spirit which rises from the regular practice of Tai Chi will bring to a deep self-knowledge, a greater conscience of the life and a capacity to act adequately in all situations of the life.

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