Therapeutic form of the colors

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Extract of "the curative Energy of the colors" of Gerard Edde - Amerindians with the taoists, colors of health


Organic system

Center energy

Energy property

Therapeutic suggestion


Bone, heart, kidneys, blood

Center abdomen and chest

Color of toning up, its use can cause feelings of anger. Strengthen the heart, manufactures blood, stimulates the digestive fire of the stomach. Is not appropriate for the bilieuse constitution

Tire and weakness, digestive insufficiency, bad circulation chronic rheumatism.


Heart, kidneys, blood, lungs, miss, stomach, highly-strung person, lymphatic

Sexual center, center of the abdomen

Bring internal heat and vitality, facilitates the elimination of all the poisons of the organization

Stimulate the kidneys and the glands suprarenals, facilitates elimination, headaches, skin diseases


Nervous fabrics, misses, stomach

Center coronal, solar frontal center, center of the abdomen

Dependent on the energy of the ground, it stimulates without increasing the activity of, nourishes fabrics organics and nervous system as well as the brain, gives optimism and improves the intellectual abilities

Problem of growth, weakens, skin diseases


Liver, blood, nervous fabrics, miss, stomach

Center abdomen, centers solar throat, centers chest

Balancing action, calms the excitation of the nervous system, harmonizes the metabolism, regulating action in the excess of the weight.

Stimulate the kidneys and the glands surrhénales, facilitates elimination


Bone, kidneys, liver

Solar center

Cold color, stimulates the blood circulation, strengthens the spinal column, stimulates the vision, calms the irritated eyes, brings a purifying action of the subtle channels of energy. Calm the paroxystic nervous crises. Bring serenity, for the taoists, it is the subtle ray of wisdom

Psychic problem (calming effect), insomnia and agitated sleep. Palpitation and nervousness



Center throat

Color which protects the body against the attacks from the germs and virus, develops noble faculties of the heart

Chronic cough and rebels, allergies


Lungs, nervous fabrics

Center coronal, center of the chest

Action of purification on toxins, nourishes the nervous system, develops the best sides of our nature. Excess can bring apathy as well as blocking in the expression of the simple emotions


Kidneys, nervous fabrics
Solar center

Little utility in the physiological action, but exerts an action of protection against negative energies, its abuse tends to give a feeling of insulation and paranoia. This color can be useful for débarasser of too cumbersome emotions: hatred and obsession


Heart, misses, stomach
Center frontal

Stimulate the heart and vitalizes spleen, increases immunizing defenses, develops simultaneously: energy, creativity, wisdom

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