Meridians lines (Second part)

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Meridians lines names

Meridians function

Disease related to an lack of energy to the meridian line


Disease related to an excess of energy to the meridian line



physical disease 

psychic disease

physical disease  

psychic disease

Small intestine  

Assimilate the feeding bolus, conditions the operation of all the organization which nourishes itself

Weaken, heaviness of the lower limbs, lumbagos, sciatic nerves, bad circulation blood, ignition of the appendix, menstrual cycles irregular, migraines, problems auditive, or visual

In prey with a deep sadness, prefers to avoid the others, often pretentious, control effectively their emotions and offer a given appearance  

Difficult digestion, constipation, faulty operation of the ovaries, pains to the shoulders, the teeth of the upper jaw, rednesses of cheeks, contraction solar plexus 

Anxiety and mental tiredness 


Governs the operation of the bodies related on the purification and the elimintation of the urine.
Night sweats, nasal congestion, heaviness, pain with the eyes, feeling of cold in the back, tendency to curve itself, disorders of the uterus, painful ignition of the urinary tracts
Anxiety Pain in the nape of the neck, the thorax, contraction of the muscles of the shoulders, congestion nasal, disturb related on the bladder or the prostate  


Governs the operation of the system endocrinien, purifies blood, prevents the appearance of the acidosis, reinforces resistance to mental overwork 

Dry skin and not very elastic, brittleness of the bones, fabrics of the corneas and the nails, bad circulation blood in the abdomen and the hips, causes the lumbagos, imbalances the genitals

They are people who have problems of insomnia, anxious, aboulic, pessimic and undecided 

Tendency to the bleedings of the nose, heavy head, ignition of the throat, buzz of ears, stiff back, predisposition to the inflammatory diseases, vomiting

Tired chronic, impatience, tendency to complain, over-sensitiveness and an incapacity to make decisions 


 Governs circulatory functions related to the coronary arteries, all the processes of circulation blood and nutritional

 Swallowing, tendency to the ignition of amygdalae, disturbance in foncitonnement of the heart, arterial hypotention, pains related to the thoraxes, the stomach, duodenum

 Anxious, has difficult to concentrate, suffers from insomnia, feeling of oppression on the level of the thorax

 Headaches, giddinesses, tension, pain coming from the thorax, colites with diarrhés or constipation
 Excessive emotivity, difficulties of concentrating, agitated sleep

 Blister bilaire

Essence with absorption of the nutritive substances

Tired of the eyes, lower limbs, difficult digestion of the fat content, tendency to constipation, neuralgia, accumulation of fat fabrics, gastric hyperacity

Emotivity, timidity, excessive indecision

Stiffnesses in the members, thorax, pains with the shoulders, heaviness with the head, ignitions related to amygdalae, aerophagia

Problems of insomnia, tired, irritable, impatient


Reserves of nutritive substances and energy necessary to the physical activity, reinforces the immune system and purifies blood

Giddiness, anorexia, sexual weakness, impotence, intoxications, muscular contraction, disturb prostate

Tendency to indecision, intolerance and irritability

Headaches, difficult digestion, disturb hepatic, hémorroïdes, disorders of the prostate, hyperglycemia, ignition of the female genitals

Excessive stubbornness and tendency to exaggeration, impatience, violence, emotional brittleness

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